vendredi 9 août 2013

Charltina’s Modeling Agency & Charltina’s Couture Fashions
(For both Men and Women)
3rd Anniversary Saturday, August 24th-September 24th.
Please mark your Calendars..
August Runway Shows: August 24th and August 31st
" Charltina’s Asian Runway Shows: Our 3rd Anniversary Of Fashion"
(Please Fellow Designers notecard me right away if you would like to be a 3rd Anniversary Designer Sponsor.)
Congratulations to The following Models Who will be Parading the Fashions:
Models Cast for August Shows 24th and 31st are:
We will split models that need to between the 24th and 31st.
(Models, Please double check me IM Me if I missed your name please.)

Charltina’s August Runway Models for Shows August 24th and August 31st
Male Models
1. Mr Roman Godde
2. Mr Peter Carter
3. Mr BonieFacio
4. Mr Philz Splitter
5. Mr Tadeu
6. Mr Silvano
7. Mr Habbib
8. Mr Adonis
9. Mr Silvano
Female Models:
1. Lady Ekaterina Tolcyner
2 .Lady Kim Rongynu
3. Lady Sungyoung (jangsungyoung)
4. Lady Gretel Bulloch
5. Lady Starfire Outlander
6 Lady Serenity (BloodyMIstresss Serenity)
7. Lady Dani (DanityMynx)
8 Lady Merlo
9. Lady Hellishly Gothly
10 Lady Roxanne
11. Lady Eva Luxury
12. Lady Tai Galicia
[Charltina's]Middle east harem pants & jumpsuit&scarf
Vanity hairs Lady boy feux
Soedara cihuapilli simple eye gold, gaddis jewells, rough stone bindi gold
Bliensen+maitai anémone ring
Barbewire bangle blue gold by Jamman