mercredi 30 avril 2014


                                                     1er Mai 2013 - 1er Mai 2014

The blog has one year this day. 

For this new year which begins, the design and the conception were totally revised.

Thanks to Malphas Emor for the brought help without whom not have been able to be born.

During this year :

- More than 7900 vues, principally  USA - Europe ( France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukrainia and United      Kingdom) - Indonesia - Bresil - Russia -

- 300 posts

- 37 designers

- 10 Events

- 56 followers on the blog

- New on the blog : the social network and the new widget Flickr

Thanks to all the designers and sponsors who trust me. Thanks to all the Events owners with which I was able to work. Thank you to all the people who are faithfull to me through the blog. And finally, a big thanks to my photographers.