dimanche 11 mai 2014

The Enchantment Event

A truly magical experience.

May round of Enchantment Event is now open ! with a lot of news and changes.

Enchanted is a new event that is designed to happen every 3 months and focusing on one of the Grimm's Fayry tales. It is an exclusive event where dreams and nightmares coexist. Every 3 months, a new fairytale is chosen as a theme, which designers will take as inspiration to create new and exclusive items.

Wear the stamp card and tp around the 20 stores to collect stamp and fill your card to win a present !

20 stores participating and done special items at their mainstores.

Here are the gifts you can win.

I have done it and I chose beautiful hairs.

Enjoy the game !!

                                                                 MINA Hairs - ROOSJE FAT PACK @ Enchantment's Event prize location