jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Beach Games @ Save the Date Event

                                                                 DON'T MISS IT !!

                                     SAVE THE DATE EVENT

                                      2014, 10th July - 31th July

                     Concept : semi exclusive/ exclusive summer vacation / 43 designers

Save the Date is a new upcoming by monthly event that with cycle through different concepts such as gachas, semi exclusive/exclusive, price reductions, hunts.

I were so lucky to be invited at the preview of this event. Run to it for the first round !!

[SYS] - Aloha bikini - Cyan waves @ Save Date Event
::(SH):: - Oversized Beach @ Save Date Event
.Infiniti. - Frisbee @ Save Date Event
RIDIC - Jump in poses @ Save Date Event
*ARGRACE* - Hikari
Nailed it - french manicure pastel set
!Ohmai: Flamingo
Action Surfboard - Toad