jeudi 27 août 2015

DAD DESIGN @ The Fantasy collective


20% OFF DURING "The Fantasy Collective" 22th August - 15th September

Footage: 24x17 
Land Impact: 58 
copy/modify yes (scripts are not modify)

This cottage was originally an ancient church now renovated and adapted to live inside.
WOODSTOCK Cottage is composed by a large living room and two comfortable rooms.

Lockable by edit notecard inside each door.
You can enrich and personalize the Woodstock Cottage with a series of objects created especially for this Cottage!
- Path Woodstock Cottage (22mt x 13 mt - Land Impact 22) 
   A large square surrounded by a border of stones and with a central bed

- Ivy with leaves blowing in the wind (modular pieces of ivy to personalize walls) 
In my example the land impact is 9 but you can change the design by adding or removing pieces.
By Menu located on root prims (little tile placed on the left of the main entrance) you can stop/start wind effect. , sound and decide access to menu (default owner).
note: if you create your own ivy design please set small tile as root prim to continue to have access to Menu.

- Climbing Bougainvillea
you have 3 colors of climbing plant pink , yellow and green (default) . Also Climbing Plant have leaves with wind moving in the wind and Menu by touch.

- Old Lantern
by touch on/off flame

- Bush with yellow flower (land impact 2 - C/M)

- Wall Stone ( 1 land impact each pieces - C/M)
Is composed by 4 design (3 straight and 1 ruined) . On box they are two version A & B because the light is different by side. If you want to use the wall 1 shot you will use the version B.

note: If you buy separately "Woodstock Cottage Addons"  the best way to position it perfectly it is to fix the rez-box in the same position of the rez-box Cottage.

These products are 100% mesh and has been completely made with cinema 4d.