lundi 21 septembre 2015

Haute Macabre with Wicca's Wardrobe@TFC

The event starts on the 22nd of September 2015 and lasts until round about the 18th of October. The Theme was Haute Macabre
For this round Wicca created 4 new designs. Mixed mad matched they can be a cool looking full outfit, but all parts get sold seperately.

The outfit was made in 4 different Black Art patterns/fabrics
The armparts are part of the outfit as well ad the high neck collar.

I have mixed the two headpieces together, but for sure, you can wears it seperately. I love so much the Corona headpiece and with it and a little imagination, you can mix it so easily.

Fhloston outfit (dark art)

Plava headpiece (dark art)

Skylea heels (dark art)

Corona headpiece