dimanche 4 octobre 2015

MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2016 - SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - 1st picture challenge

Thank you so much Asia Rae for your time to work with me on this challenge picture. It's always a great pleasure to work with you.

Here is the theme :

Here is your 1st Picture Challenge with the theme " Sports Illustrated/Sex in the City"

We are here to have some fun mixing the magazine "Sports Illustrated" with the television show "Sex And The City"

You will truly need to do your research on this.  I have provided some pictures for you. Think of yourself in a shoot where you are modeling for one of the hottest magazines in the world where only the best grace the cover and the pages mixed with one of the hottest series ever to hit TV. Based on a New York Column of living in the big city and how four women very different kept their friendship close, they had a knack for fashion.

Mixing that with a little sportsmanship.  Sports Illustrated is also known for its bathing suit edition (look up the body painted ones you will be amazed).  Now ask yourself, how do you bring this all together?  Well that is all left to your imagination.  Please do not just focus on the bathing suits, there are women throughout Sports Illustrated and if you are clever, you will take some ideas from the men.

Work with your photographer as we want to see your creative minds at work.  This will tell us how great you are at communicating with your photographer to make a great picture of your ideas.

Photographer : Asia Rae

Model : Roxaane Fyanucci 

  I chose to base myself on a drama of my real life to work this styling. As soon as I had knowledge of the theme, it seemed to me obvious that it was what I had to make and Asia Rae was the photographer for this challenge because she knew my story and  how much it still affects me. I worked during 13 years ago in a hospital emergency rescue team in mountain but two years ago by coming back from an intervention I fell by coming down from the helicopter and I then underwent a reconstruction of my ankle with long months of reeducation behind. It is a thing about which I speak little and which nevertheless still affects me although I am lucky enough to re-walk, I can't ski from now on any more and I work from now on in the offices of the emergencies of the hospital. It was a pleasure to work this theme with Asia, because we share the same passion of the mountain and the ski. It is not the first time which we work together and we understand sometimes even without having to say a word.

    ::GB:: Offshoulder leather jacket black - only jacket
    AsHmOoT Swim Wear_Monokini_Bck Bow Maitreya body
    Razor///High Molly Leg Warmers
    RO - Ski Boots
    RO - Snowboard - SPEED 88
    RO - Ski Goggles Pink