jeudi 12 novembre 2015

Wicca's Wardrobe @ PENUMBRA FASHION360 Event

Penumbra 360, it's not your ordinary shopping event. 360 is a unique and one of kind experience . We have experienced Stylists available to help consumers with color choices, Styling advice and some time for help you.

And yes, after doing the casting, I have the great honor to be a Penumbra360 stylist. I will be there November, saturday 14th between 10am and Noon - So, ladies and gentlemens, if you need to do shopping, the best place is PENUMBRA 360, and I can help you to choose the best for your wardrobe. And we have amazing Designers and DJ on the place ! 

So don't hesitate, PENUMBRA FASHION360 is the place to go for your shopping. Look at the designers and the schedule of the event and chose your time to come with us !

Lyrical Bizarre, Paisley Daisy, Wicca's Wardrobe, Virtual Diva Couture, La Bos, Prism Men's , Prism Woman's, Nailed It,Rayne Couture, Rapture, Chambre Rose.

Friday Nov 13th 12-2 is DJ Selina Graycloud with stylists ....Ruby Ornamental and Arianna Jasmine

Sat 11/14 - 10- 12 Dj Selina Graycloud, Stylists  Roxaane Fyanucci with Scarlet Lenoirre

2-4 DJ Byatch Littlething, Stylists Aradia Aridian .

 Sunday Nov 15th 12-2 DJ Fabala Fairey with Stylists Paris evermore and Aradia Aridian

Today, I present you the WICCA'S WARDROBE Exclusive for PENUMBRA360 

ELAINE DRESS green polka.

also available in black tweed