jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Belles Parisiennes @ Frozzen Fair 2015

Tenue hiver black & fur

Belles Parisiennes @ Frozzen Fair - Tenue hiver black & fur 

enVOGUE - Audrey

MG - Maya sun godess


On Sale on secondlife at the new Shop Belles Parisiennes.
Outfits For men
Outfit name: "Veste Juan"
Differents colors are separatly sell!!
Elegant jacket with a mix of texture leather and old-looking tartan. A smart casual effect. T-shirt with Hud 8 cothen.
A map of fidélité on all purchases you make at the store in SL, and from the first, 5% of the sum will be store credit.
Come to visit it, free group gift, and welcome gift for all.