dimanche 23 octobre 2016

╰☆╮The Spirit of the Flower╰☆╮

Windlight Magazine - The Edge - Da Vinci Workshop


Styling show BURN2

╰☆╮Roxaane's Inspiration: The Spirit of the Flower╰☆╮

As the Spirit of Inspiration trudged on, her fires beginning to dim a little with despondency, she came upon the gentle Spirit of the Flowers, resplendent in her verdant gown, her wings tinkling a melody in the soft breezes that always surrounded her, grass sprouting around her feet.

The Spirit of Inspiration gave The Spirit of Flowers a warm smile, as she always found her presence soothing and relaxing.  They sat together on the grass and The Spirit of Inspiration told of her troubles and her need to find an answer to Leonardo's predicament.

 The Spirit of Flowers smoothed her pretty gown and said 'This is a hard problem to solve for sure, for you are a powerful spirit and yet he is unable to be inspired by you.  All you can do is nurture and take care of him, be always around and supporting him.  I hope in time your power affects him again.'

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Best epic celtic music - Instrumental Fantasy - 2015