samedi 26 novembre 2016

╰☆╮Même le Diable fut un Ange au commencement...╰☆╮

╰☆╮WINTER 2╰☆╮

Inspired by the change of nature's energies we discover everyday, by the incredible composition of Vivaldi's Seasons, and with organics in mind, we're proud to introduce The Seasons Collection. Collection is entirely full permission, and complete with special DAE packs on Marketplace only.
Displayed for the very first time during the Edge Art Diva! fashion show and art unveiling, we drew from the stunning stage and imagined a slightly more modern, more fantastical Venice, during the Carnival celebrations.
Enjoy travelling through time and the seasons with Lyrical B!zarre's Seasons Collection!

Pose  *CM* @ Pose lovers and friends╰☆╮pencil model box╰☆╮