lundi 19 décembre 2016

Kaleidos Gallery╰☆╮Theme : Revolution (The Beatles)╰☆╮

                    "You say you want a revolution
                                Well, you know
                We all want to change the world!

                    (Revolution - The Beatles )
    Kaleidos Gallery open its doors to the  Revolution of Art, 
The slogan is to react to the mystique that The Beatles imposed on their songs in a period as emblematic as the 60's in which mankind was revealed causing a revolution in music and the way of seeing life.

Our artists challenge you to discover it in our next exhibition.

 New Year will start with a Revolution of Art.

 Are you ready for it ?
  Liv Xaris
 The Gallerist

Thank you so much for the invitation and the opportunity, I'm so honored of this. 

Norwegian Wood is the song I have chosen for this exposition.

Styling card :

   !Go -
  Rowne - 
  Izzie's - 
 Wicca's Wardrobe.