dimanche 22 janvier 2017

╰☆╮The Fantasy angels 2017╰☆╮

And for the 2nd year, I have the great honor to be selected for the Finale of the Fantasy Angels 2017.

Thank you so much to the judges.

For the first outfit, I chose to style the same look than the last year with some modifications on the styling.

The second outfit, were a black bikini we had to style to be a fabulous Angels.

Styling card : The Strawberries Angel.

- Belles Parisiennes
- ::B@r::
- Blueberry
- Kaithleen's
- Astralia
- Maxi Gossamer
- {Letituier}

Styling card : The Dark and Flowers Angel.

- [[Masoom]]
- Belles Parisiennes
- Elegance Boutique
- Zibska
- Izzie's
- Aisling
- EMO-tions